Review: The Huawei Band 2 Pro Is an Odd Fit

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The battle for your wrist continues, with yet another fitness band. This time, though, it’s one that’s not just competing against other companies, but competing against itself. Yes, Huawei has made the Band 2 Pro , and it competes directly against the Huawei Fit. At almost the same price, what’s the point in buying one over the other?

Note: There was no Band 1, pro or otherwise. Names are weird. Source: Huawei.

It’s really simple – the Fit is cute and a good starter device. The Band 2 Pro is for people who know a bit more about fitness trackers and who want something they can put through a real workout (ha ha). Yes, they both have heart rate sensors and are waterproof, but the Pro 2 has GPS. Actual GPS, not just using your phone’s. That alone is damn impressive at the price point. But that’s not the only selling point.

Let’s talk feeling. The Band 2 Pro feels great on the wrist. The interface is fairly typical for a fitness band. I do strongly recommend turning off the function to send notifications to the Band 2 Pro. Why? There’s not much you can do. You’ll have to take your phone out anyway. It’s almost a wasted feature. Oh, and I couldn’t get the dang thing out of 24-hour time. But that’s on me.

You know what’s not wasted? Power. For such a tiny device (again, with GPS), the battery lasts weeks, and charges up nice and fast. Like many bands, the charger is proprietary (someone just add QI already), but it locks the tracker in much more firmly than some.

I tried the sleep tracking, but didn’t find it matched up with either my memories or my smartbed’s metrics. So I would politely suggest not buying this if sleep tracking is your main focus. The heart rate also didn’t match up to my Jabra Smart Elite headphones. But then again, that’s comparing a $70 device to a $3,000 bed and a pair of over-$250 headphones. One should hope you get different service.

GPS, on the other hand, is surprisingly accurate for that low price point. You can leave your phone at home and do a run and come back and sync. This is useful if it’s raining, as the band is waterproof and your phone is most likely not.

I don’t recommend wearing both.
Source: Me.

I also have to take another shot at the Huawei health app. I’m sorry, but it’s just not as good as the other fitness apps I’ve used. For goodness sake, you can’t even set it to more than 10,000 steps. I live in NYC and commute by bus – 10k is less than my baseline. Also with both a Wear and Health app, it feels like they can’t make their mind up about software. Google Fit isn’t perfect, but Huawei should just try harder to use that and focus on the hardware aspects.

Aspects that are just fantastic. Source: Huawei.

My verdict? If you need letter-perfect health metrics, then maybe look elsewhere. However, if you need a waterproof fitness tracker with good GPS, you should absolutely look here. At $69.99 at Amazon  and sometimes cheaper elsewhere, it’s close to being a perfect holiday gift for someone who wants to start fitness tracking, but isn’t sure they want to commit.

Note: Huawei lent me the Band 2 Pro for a few weeks. In that time I hit one of my target weights. Unrelated, just wanted to brag.

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