Geek Daily Deals Nov. 8, 2017: Nano Pure Next-Generation Hand Sanitizer; Pioneer Audiophile Turntable

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Geek Daily Deals:

Nano Pure Next Generation Hand Sanitizer & 24-Hour Skin Protectant Spray:

Geeks understand germs. We’re big on science, so we know how germs work, how they get passed around, and what the simple things are that we can do to avoid having germs mess with us. I’ll bet it was geeks who started the hand-sanitizer revolution at conventions, that has spread to seeing dispensers in every hotel, airport, office building, and anywhere else that people congregate. So this deal, on Nano Pure (a re-branding of Qore-24, a non-alcohol sanitizer), which goes above and beyond the simple squirt bottles that get passed around, should make geeks very happy:

  • The world’s first and only all-day skin protectant
  • Kills 99.99% of germs on contact
  • Germ barrier lasts up to 24 hours- Nano Pure™ forms a molecular bond that stays active on the surface of your skin.
  • Non-flammable, water based, with clean scent and safe for use by everyone
  • Set of 2 – 1.6 ounce bottles great for home, work, school, diaper bags, etc

Get two bottles for just $8 today!

Pioneer PL-30-K Audiophile Stereo Turntable with Dual-Layered Chassis and Built-in Phono Equalizer:

Ready to return to your vinyl roots, or help someone else do it for the holiday season? Ready to get your records playing on Airplay? Here’s a great deal on a turnable from a brand that’s been around since the last time turntables were a big deal!

  • Full-Automatic Operation; Dual-Layered Chassis with 4 mm-Thick Metal Plate and Low Center of GravityProvides Stable Playback
  • Built-in Phono Equalizer with On/Through Selector: On for Connecting Amps without Phono Terminal, Through When Using External Phono Equalizer
  • High-Performance MM Cartridge Included.Drive Method: Belt Drive System
  • Original 5 mm-Thick Rubber Mat Suppresses External Vibration While FirmlyGripping the Record
  • Packed with Turntable, Turntable Sheet, Dust cover, Adapter for EP record, Balance Weight, Head-shell with Cartridge, Spare lead wires, Power cord, Assemble Instruction with manual

Get one today for just $159!


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