Last Call for the ‘Medieval’ Kickstarter!

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Medieval Kickstarter Last Call Stop! Put down that plow, stop scratching those boils, and find your nearest abacus. The Medieval Kickstarter is nearly at an end. Last month we described how fans of the original Medieval game, liked it so much they bought the rights, in order to bring it back from the Dark Ages. The campaign funded faster than you could shout, “Bring out yer dead!” and is now working through its stretch goals.

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The team is thrilled to be bringing the game they love to so many new people and are excited that the strength of the campaign means they can add some fabulous new features to the game.

Originally, Medieval was for 3 – 5 players. Now though, it has been expanded in both directions to accommodate 2-6.  Yes, you can now even bring Medieval to date night. The final stretch goal is to add a solitaire version, so if you fancy some solo action too, then head on over and take a look at the amazing evolution of this great looking game.

Medieval Kickstarter Last CallThe Medieval team feel that as well as adding cosmetic enhancements, the stretch goals have built up their game into a tactile and immersive gaming experience. The wooden components and bigger game board (which looks fabulous) add to the feeling that you’re playing a heavyweight historical strategy game.

The next stretch goal to be unlocked is set to increase the depth of tactical complexity by allowing players’ cabals to specialize in specific areas, such as military, religious, or economic intrigue.

Regardless of whether Medieval reaches it’s final two stretch goals. The pledge level of $65 ($10 below the MRSP) brings you a beautiful looking game, with masses of components and tried and tested rules, that have the weight of history behind them. There’s just a handful of days left to go to make sure you don’t miss the caravel on this one.

If you want to take a look and make a pledge, there’s still time! Click here to go to the Medieval Kickstarter page.

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