GBBP 153: Anne Wheaton

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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 153: Anne Wheaton

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Today, we have an absolute blast chatting with Anne Wheaton. This is also an episode of firsts. We’re honored to have been Anne’s first podcast interview, which is pretty darn exciting! It’s also a first for us as a show. We’ve had siblings on separate episodes before (Tom and Tony Bancroft), but this is the first time we’ve had spouses on separate episodes! (Wil Wheaton was on our show way back on Episode 35.)

On this episode, we talk a lot about Anne’s brand-new children’s picture book, Piggy and Pug. The book is the result of a long-held dream that she finally grabbed hold of and made a reality. I first heard the story earlier this year aboard the JoCo Cruise, where Anne read it aloud for the first time. At the time, she only had a few pieces of unfinished art to show, but it was clear this was a true labor of love. (I included the reading in my roundup of the highlights of Days 1-3 of the cruise.) Well, the book is done, and it’s almost time to get it into your hands!

We chat about the long road to self-publishing and the learning process she went through along the way. We also talk about her recent health scare, what she’s taken away from that experience, living life in the public eye, the struggle to maintain “normalcy” and secrecy when kids are involved, and the Foundation to Increase Awesome.


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