4 Ways Our Facebook Followers Can Still Read Us

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Has it seemed like you haven’t seen our content as much lately?

Facebook has made changes to its algorithms that are making it harder for you to read our content. You Liked us and followed us with the expectation that you would see our content in your timeline. But Facebook has decided that only the most popular stories (in likes and shares) will make it through, unless – of course – we pay (something we can’t afford to do). Feels kind of like High School all over again, doesn’t it? We are pretty frustrated, because we’re proud that over 45,000 of you (between both the GeekDad and GeekMom Facebook pages) have Liked and followed us over the years, and Facebook has been, up until now, an easy way for people to find and share content. But it’s always dangerous to rely on a platform you don’t control, and Facebook is entirely within its rights to make these changes.

So, we’d like to offer you some ideas as to how to make sure you’re still seeing our content, even if Facebook won’t deliver it to you.

  1. Come to GeekDad.com and GeekMom.com. That’s the easiest, and the most beneficial for us, because your visit counts in our monthly statistics, and you see the ads we run, so advertisers continue to like us and pay us to create more content. And if you Like and share content from our site via the social sharing buttons, it makes a bigger impact, too.
  2. Follow us via WordPress, and get our posts in your email. All you need to do is visit GeekDad.com or GeekMom.com, and look in the right sidebar where there’s a form to sign up and get notification of our posts by email.
  3. Subscribe to us via Feedly, Flipboard, or another news feed aggregation tool. This is the best, most practical way to get all the content you love without any of the chaff, because you choose which sites you want to read, and the content is delivered to your app or page directly, whenever it gets published.
  4. If you don’t want to leave the comfort of Facebook, just make sure you Like and share us every time you see one of our posts. And visit our Facebook pages to click through and read our content.

Again, we’re so appreciative to all of you who have Liked and Followed us over the years, and we just want to make sure you can still receive our content. Hopefully this will help. Thanks!

Bonus Method: Reader ChrisS points out that we’re really easy to find on Google+ as well. If you’ve got any kind of Google account, you already have Google+ access as well, and it’s easy to follow us there!

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5 thoughts on “4 Ways Our Facebook Followers Can Still Read Us

  1. When using Firefox browser and I click on GeekMom link I get error message “Your connection is not secure” says something about the certificate. GeekDad works just fine. FYI

  2. You should explain to people who are going to continue to use Facebook how they can change their notification settings for particular pages to prioritize posts and ignore Facebook’s algorithm

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