BenQ HT3050 projector.

Review: BenQ HT3050 Projector – Go Big, Go Home

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BenQ HT3050 projector.

Bringing the movie theater experience home is becoming more accessible to the consumer–sound systems, high-resolution televisions, and internet of things (IoT) integrations are showing up everywhere. Finding the right combination of hardware for a particular installation can be complex, especially if the location for the theater is less than ideal. We were sent a BenQ HT3050 projector to help us find a huge theatrical experience even in our undersized New York City location.

This new projector was ideal for our purposes, with a very large throw ratio that can produce a super vivid 100-inch image at a distance of only 8′-5″ (2.5 meters). The BenQ projector features settings that allow it to be placed off-center and at an angle to the desired image, correcting it with the “side projection with 2D keystone” function (eliminating trapezoid effects when the projector is placed at an indirect angle) that typically only corrects for vertical adjustment.

Building on the BenQ CinematicColor technology, the HT3050 provides accurate color (100% of the industry standard Rec.709 coverage) with high contrast and fill factor. Each projector arrives with its own calibration report in the box to ensure color accuracy with no other color tuning required–BenQ is the only projector manufacturer that includes this report. Built-in audio for the HT3050 comes from a 20-watt stereo speaker housed in resonant sound chambers with BenQ CinemaMaster Audio+ Enhancer software to provide quality audio without additional audio equipment.

We experimented with the BenQ HT3050 with different lighting conditions. First, we pulled the kids and their friends inside on a rainy afternoon for a showing of Monsters, Inc.–even with the light filtering in from outside, the image was crisp and bright. Later that night, the grownups got a full dark showing of Mad Max: Fury Road, and the colors really jumped even when we forced the correction of an off-angle projection and substantial keystone.

We then tested the Wireless Full HD companion kit for the HT3050 that allows streaming of uncompressed 1080p content (even 3D) from up to 100 feet away thanks to the large transmission bandwidth (145 Mpbs). The kit connects to audio/video sources placed remotely from the projector without requiring running of cables–making the projector a superb solution for cinephiles without a large dedicated room or renovation budget.

UPDATE: GeekDad Mordechai wanted to see if the BenQ was as easy to use for non-techies. So he gave his review unit to someone to use for a Bar Mitzvah. That’s right, a bunch of moody teenage Jewish kids all wanting to be entertained on a Saturday night after a long Shabbat of candy and cavorting were the perfect test audience. Or more specifically, the anxious dad setting it up. It went without a hitch. While not as neat as the Wireless solution, the traditionally wired setup was fast and easy. Output was just as amazing. In short, the BenQ was easy enough for a layman to use.

Complete details for the BenQ HT3050 can be found on the product website here (direct link). Bring one into your home for big cinema quality video in small residential spaces.

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