MegaBots vs Suidobashi Oct 17 7PMPST

Mech Battle Is Finally On — October 17th!

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MegaBots vs Suidobashi

We’ve been following MegaBots since they challenged Suidobashi Heavy Industries’ Kuratas to an epic duel of mechs back in the summer of 2015. Well, finally, after the challenge was accepted on the condition of incorporating melee combat, a successful MegaBots Kickstarter, and a complete rebuild of the MegaBot, we’re finally going to get to see mechs go at it like our future has always promised us!

You can watch it live on Twitch at, Tuesday, October 17th at 7 PM PDT.

You can see their progress on the MegaBots site in season one of the MegaBot video series. Tune in on October 17th to see the Megabot MK3 Eagle Prime as it goes head-to-head with Kuratas! Hear what they have to say about Eagle Prime:

Behold. Eagle Prime, America’s entrant into the Giant Robot Duel, in its first-ever live-fire combat trial. Eagle Prime is the first MK3-class MegaBot from MegaBots, Inc. It weighs in at 12 tons, stands 16 feet tall, seats two, is powered by a 430 horsepower V8 LS3 engine, and costs a cool $2.5M. Cupholders come standard. In all its glory, science fiction just became reality.

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