Kuratas Mech

Mech Battle Challenge Accepted!

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Kuratas Mech

Last week Megabots Incorporated challenged Suidobashi Heavy Industry’s Kuratas to a duel of mechs. I am extremely pleased to follow up that post with the news that the challenge has been accepted, and Suidobashi has upped the ante.

Kogoro Kuratas, founder and CEO of Suidobashi Heavy Industry responded:

“Come on guys, make it cooler. Just building something huge and sticking guns on it. It’s… Super American. Yeah, I’ll fight. Absolutely. But you know, we really need… MELEE COMBAT. I want to punch them to scrap and knock them down to do it.”

Stay tuned. GeekDad will be sure to keep you apprised of any developments. Alternatively, you can buy your own custom Kuratas from the Suidobashi Heavy Industry site. Starting at just 1.3 million US dollars, it’s a small price to pay to be in on the ground floor of the epic robot-duel revolution.

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