Paul Feig Unveils New 'Ghostbusters' Uniforms, Proton Packs and Ecto-1

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Writer/Director Paul Feig has been very active on Twitter these past couple of weeks, sharing photos and news from his Ghostbusters reboot and responding directly to fans’ questions and concerns. With Ghostbusters currently shooting in Boston, Feig has shared a few behind the scenes pics from the prop and costume departments, including first looks at the new uniforms, proton packs and Ecto-1.

It all started June 29th, when Feig shared a single image of a costume rack featuring the new uniforms for the new Ghostbusters team of Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. The post was accompanied simply with the hashtag; #whatyougonnawear. I’m glad to see the familiar Ghostbusters insignia still intact.

New Ghostbusters uniforms! Tweet from @paulfeig

The following day, on June 30th, Feig shared another essential part of the Ghostbusters gear with the first look at the new Proton Pack the team will be using to lasso ghosts. This time he used the hashtag #whatyougonnashoot. I’m loving the industrial, grimy look of this new design. It has a very mad-science vibe that makes it appear that crossing the streams may carry even greater risks than the original series inferred.

New Proton packs! Tweet from @paulfeig

A few days after the first images posted, the first cosplay appeared thanks to an awesome post Ghostbusters fan David Silva shared of his daughter donning their DIY creation of the new suit and Proton Pack. Now that’s a Geek Dad!

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 11.22.20 AM
First cosplay from the new Ghostbusters! Tweet from @mirabellemusing

Next, Feig took to helping cosplayers by answering some fan queries on Twitter about the look and details of the news suits and Proton Packs. This led to another picture of the Proton Pack, this time, with each detail pointed out and given a name. Cosplayers everywhere rejoice; Paul Feig knows what fans want and appreciates true geekdom.

An in-depth look at the new Proton Pack! Tweet from @paulfeig

Finally, just yesterday, Feig shared the first images of the new Ecto-1 using the hashtag; #whattheygonnadrive. I for one love the new look, but some fans have complained that it’s not what they expected. In my mind, as a massive Ghostbusters fan myself, replacing the Cadillac Ambulance from the original series with a Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse is a great fit. They are ghosts after all. The weathered look of the car, the suits, and the Proton Pack have a great DIY feel that I predict will suit this startup band of Ghostbusters well.

The new Ecto-1! Tweet from @paulfeig
The back of the new Ecto-1! Tweet from @paulfeig
The hood ornament of the new Ecto-1! Tweet from @paulfeig
A Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse before being transformed into the new Ecto-1! Tweet from @paulfeig

I’m onboard in a big way. I adore Paul Feig’s appreciation and respect for fandom and can’t wait to see his new Ghostbusters when the film hits theaters next July. What do you think? Do you like the new look? Who are your picks for musicians to take on a new Ghostbusters theme song?

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