Watch the First Full Trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ – With a Small Caveat

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The first trailer for The Last Jedi premiered last night, and, as expected, it’s amazing. You can watch the trailer below, but first, please heed my warning. Actually, it’s not my warning at all, it’s a warning that comes directly from the film’s director Rian Johnson…

Here’s the thing, we live in a time where movie marketing has become ubiquitous with overselling. Gone are the days of movie trailers being used as a lure to entice a potential audience. Nowadays, the majority of trailers have become the lure and the hook, often eliminating the elements of surprise by giving away far too much. I know that we’ve become far too sensitive of spoilers, but much of that sensitivity comes from this very problem of the over-reveal.

As someone who has a love for movie marketing (I write a column about movie trailers for crying out loud) and has long enjoyed over-speculating about any and every piece of Star Wars news out there, I have to trust the director. Rian Johnson is himself a cinephile, and he understands and celebrates that part of the moviegoing experience that comes from the magic and wonder of surprise – coming in clean. Trailers are great for hype, but when a director himself hints that the experience may be best served without spoilers, we should at least consider.

That said, I still watched the trailer, but only once. After all, Johnson did himself crumble around the excitement of the thing once it premiered…

So. I say watch it. But maybe only watch it once. Don’t overthink it. I’m not. While I wrote shot-by-shot speculative pieces about the film’s teaser, as well as the teaser and trailers for The Force Awakens and Rogue One, I am holding off this time around, trusting Rian Johnson’s vision and going into this experience with a little less overthinking and presumption than usual. The Force may be pulling you toward it, but the choice is yours.

Tickets are now on-sale at theaters everywhere for The Last Jedi, which hits theaters the night of December 14th!

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