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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 56: Hangoverboard

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I am back from Dragon Con. Well, the parts of me that made it through, at least.

My liver? I’m afraid what’s left of it was abandoned somewhere on the steamy Atlanta sidewalk between the Marriott and the Hilton.

We salute the fallen.

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00:45 Southside – “Spacewalk
03:24 Talking / Sci-Fried – “Tech Support (8Bit Instrumental)
04:10 YTCracker – “make it pwn dem” (content warning)
07:56 The Faithful Sidekicks – “SQL Love
12:02 The Doubleclicks – “Sensitive Badass
17:06 Boy Meets Robot – “My Baby’s in Love With Benedict Cumberbatch
20:08 More talking / Sci-Fried – “Tech Support (8Bit Instrumental)”
20:48 Married With Sea Monster – “Murderface
23:09 Beefy – “Twenty Sided Rhyme
25:34 More or Les – “Fast Food” (content warning)
28:16 Meri Amber – “Block by Block
30:59 Even more talking / Sci-Fried – “Tech Support (8Bit Instrumental)”
33:00 Illbotz – “Jesus Gave Me Water (But What I Wanted was a PBR)” (content warning)

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