Doctor Panic photo by Dave Banks

Re-Roll: This Week’s Tabletop Game News for Week 38 — Sept 16 – 22, 2017

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Doctor Panic photo by Dave Banks

Lots of great new games this week and other good news. Read on!

  • Look at that! We’ve been doing Re-Roll for a whole year now. Happy birthday to us…
  • Plaid Hat released a preview of Stuffed Fables: An Adventure Book Game that is being designed by Jerry Hawthorne (Mice and Mystics). It looks wonderful and is available now for preorder.
  • This week’s image is from the cooperative/competitive dexterity game Doctor Panic.
  • If you’re one of the many who picked up Starfinder as soon as it came out, you may have noticed an annoying binding issue. Paizo is aware of the problem and will be providing replacements if you have been affected.
  • Z-Man says they will be releasing an updated version of Kingsburg, which was first refreshed (gulp) a decade ago. The new version is beautiful–check out those dice! The new version will include all the modules from the To Forge a Realm expansion and a new Alternate Advisor module. No date was given with the announcement.
  • CMON is publishing a new version of Dojo Kun. It’ll be hitting stores at the end of the month and we will have a review for you very shortly. In the meantime, have a read of the overview and check out the fantastic new box art.
  • CMON will be publishing Blue Cocker’s Meeple War with a release date that coincides with Dojo Kun. It looks cute, but the area control game received great reviews in its previous release.
  • The talented folks over at Shut Up & Sit Down did a great documentary on Fantasy Flight and the recent release of the new version of Twilight Imperium. You should take some time to watch it:
  • Can’t wait for A Game of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch? Read up on the Wildlings in this FFG post.
  • We are big fans of Spot It! (and perhaps partial to the GeekDad version we homebrewed for Gen Con this year), so it’s no surprise that Spot It! Duel has surpassed a million downloads. It’s great fun, on both iOS and Android and… it’s free!
  • Z-Man announced My First Stone Age — The Card Game, a fun take on the 2016 Kinderspiel winner, My First Stone Age, and one of the better worker placements, Stone Age. Look for this one later this year.
  • What can you find new on shelves next week? Oh just…
    • Cities of Splendor, the long-awaited expansion to Splendor. It’s five expansions in one!
    • This War of Mine, Kickstarted and based on the hit video game, will make a brutal assault on your game table.
    • It’s Pogs meets Space Invaders in Kane Klenko’s gloriously fun and challenging dexterity game, Flip Ships. Published by Renegade Game Studios.
    • Speaking of pixellated sprites, the first of IDW’s Atari-themed boardgames hit shelves in the 2–4 player Centipede. (Quarters not required.) Look for a review from us soon!
    • Ascension: Valley of the Ancients will finally make its way to shelves. See a preview here.

At GeekDad, we write a lot about tabletop games. Here’s what we’ve written about this past week:

Finally, here’s what some of the GeekDad Crew has been playing this week:

  • Jonathan Liu: Sparkle*Kitty, Dungeon Draft, Tiny Epic Defenders, Codenames, Go Nuts for Donuts, Hive, Magic Maze, Spot It!, Truck Off, Dead Man’s Draw, Deep Sea Adventure, Dice of Pirates, Forbidden Desert, Ghost Blitz, Happy Salmon, Kingdomino, Reef Route, Shadowrift, Startups, Sunset Over Water, Wasteland Express Delivery Service, Zombie Fluxx
  • Robin Brooks: Monster Lands, Outfoxed
  • Chris Wickersham: Mini Rails, Joraku, Front Line No Komrades, The Great War
  • Anthony Karcz: Massive Darkness
  • Samantha Fisher: Storm Hollow
  • Randy Slavey: Dojo Kun
  • Michael Harrison: Fate of the Elder Gods, Welcome to the Dungeon
  • Mike LeSauvage: Terraforming Mars
  • Ryan Hiller: Pathfinder RPG, Starfinder RPG
  • Dave Banks: Shark Island, Whistle Stop, Centipede, Sentient, Flip Ships, The Great Heartland Hauling Company
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