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Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

If you love rolling dice, here’s a really fun way to level up your dice-rolling experience: SnapDice.

What Are SnapDice?

SnapDice are steel dice—both six-sided and polyhedral dice are available—paired with a special dice tray that has rare earth magnets embedded in a strip near the back. When you roll the dice into the tray, they tumble and then snap into place onto the strip.

It sounds like a simple idea, but it really is fun. I was sent a tray on loan to try out. My four-year-old discovered it and then just sat and rolled dice repeatedly for the next half hour. My wife tried out the SnapDice and said she wouldn’t ever want to roll any other type of dice if she had one of these.

You can see a little demo of it here (though my video isn’t nearly as snazzy as SnapDice’s own video):

Overall, it works really well, but as you can see from the end of the video, you do have to get the dice near the magnetic strip. If you totally miss the strip, they won’t snap into place. The six-sided dice have rounded corners (a necessity for metal dice so they don’t tear up the wood), and on rare occasions, if the dice are stuck to each other, then one die may be stuck on its corner (as you can see at about 00:32 in the video). It doesn’t happen often, but warrants a mention.

Where Do I Get SnapDice?

SnapDice is on Kickstarter now, with a range of pledge levels depending on what you want to get. There are tiers for just dice (six-sided or polyhedral) or for a tray with dice. Prices vary depending on the specific options you want for the tray, like the type of wood, the size of the tray, inlay bands or dovetail corners, and so on. Use this pledge calculator to see how much a particular combination would cost.

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The version you see in the video above (which I got on loan to try out) was the Bubinga wood, 7″×10″, with an inlay band, and two six-sided dice, which adds up to $172. That’s certainly not cheap, so this definitely a gaming accessory for, well, the high rollers. But if you really love rolling dice and are willing to splurge, this may be a great addition to your game table. It’s one thing to read about it conceptually and see a video, but the feel of holding the heavy steel dice and then watching them clatter and snap into place on the tray is weirdly satisfying. I was really sad to pack up the demo sample and send it back to SnapDice.

For more information about SnapDice and to make a pledge, visit the SnapDice Kickstarter page!

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