Make Boardgame Rules Easier: ‘Dized’ on Indiegogo

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Do you enjoy reading rule books for board games? Does spending 45 minutes half learning a new game before anyone gets to take a turn sound like your idea of a wonderful time? If you answered yes to either question, you can probably stop reading now. If not, there’s a new company helping “skip the rule book and just start the game”–Dized.

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What Is Dized?

In their own words, Dized is an app for tablets and PCs that provides a “fully immersive step-by-step tutorial” for use as you play board games. Tutorials include video animations demonstrating key game mechanics, voiceovers explaining each concept, and support for a player profile that learns about your playstyle and learning style as you play.

At launch, they are touting titles like 7 Wonders, Kingdomino, Blood Rage, Scythe, Carcassone, and Bang.

Where Do I Find Out More About Dized?

The demo I saw at Gen Con 50 was impressive, but don’t just take my written word for it.

I had the opportunity at this year’s Gen Con to speak with Jouni Jussila, the CEO of Dized, about their app and the upcoming Indiegogo campaign. Check out the interview below and read more about the project at their website.

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1 thought on “Make Boardgame Rules Easier: ‘Dized’ on Indiegogo

  1. This seems like a beyond helpful product! I am wondering how big the library of games covered will reach. Dized really would be useful. It would be cool to see visuals in video form. Has of right now I usually get all my instructions if possible from Rodney Smith and Watch it Played! (another great channel may I add.) It would be awesome to have something streamlined. I can’t wait to see where this project is headed.

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