WaterField MultiPlayer Pro Nintendo Switch Case Promotion Ends Soon


The folks over at WaterField (a San Francisco-based company that is well known for making high-quality bags) made me aware of a promotion that is ending this Friday (August 11, 2017). WaterField has a brand new bag just released at the end of July called the MultiPlayer Pro Case, which is a soft sided bag designed specifically for carrying the Nintendo Switch.

WaterField’s MultiPlayer Pro Case for Nintendo Switch can hold everything you need to take your Switch on the go. (Image from WaterField)

Below is a portion of their press release that explains the promotion:

San Francisco maker, WaterField Designs, announces a limited time promotion in conjunction with Bandai Namco Enertainment, Inc.: customers who purchase WaterField’s MultiPlayer Pro case for the Nintendo Switch may opt to receive a complimentary Namco Museum (Nintendo Switch)™ eShop download, a $29.99 value. The promotion celebrates the launch of the retro game package, which includes favorites like Pac-Man™, Galaga™, Splatterhouse™ and more. WaterField’s MultiPlayer Pro Switch case holds the device and an abundance of accessories, making it ideal for games like the new Pac-Man VS™, a four-player game also included in Namco Museum™. The promotion will run from July 28 through August 11, 2017, while supplies last.

I’ve been a huge fan of WaterField’s products for years. I found out about WaterField when I was looking around for functional yet stylish everyday carry bag for my work laptop and stumbled upon the Muzetto (a bag very similar looking to the bag Indiana Jones carries around in the movies). For several years this was the bag I carried around everywhere I went–until the sizes of my laptop and my iPad made it so that I needed a slightly bigger bag. Despite all the abuse I gave this bag, it still looks brand new so I can attest that WaterField makes some really high-quality gear. If you transport your Nintendo Switch often and need a convenient and stylish way to carry it you should check out the MultiPlayer Pro before the promotion for a free download of the Namco Museum game ends (because everyone needs to get their Pac-Man™ and Galaga fix from time to time).

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