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Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘A Dog’s Life’ Is a Fetching Game

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Have tabletop games gone to the dogs? If A Dog’s Life is any indication, they have – in the best way possible. This is the return of a game that was a hit 16 years ago, but then wandered away. Now Beton Games has rescued it from the tabletop game pound, and made it possible for everyone to adopt!

In A Dog’s Life, you play one of seven breeds of dog: Boxer, Poodle, Whippet, Fox Terrier, German Shepherd, Labrador, or German Shepherd. Each one is represented by a lovely, color playing figure (these should be collectibles all by themselves). Each type of dog has its own special abilities that help it through the game. Each turn your dog has to take an action, which may include begging at a restaurant, searching through the trash, delivering newspapers, hiding from the dogcatcher, fighting with other dogs, drinking from fountains, and even piddling on lampposts (sure to bring a giggle every time).

A Dog's Life Rules

A Dog’s Life is a perfect family game, especially for those of us who are dog lovers. And it works for younger kids because the rules are simple, and the cards use a minimum of text and plenty of pictures to make things easy to understand and follow. It’s live on Kickstarter now, where you can get the game for a starting pledge of $49. Or, if you’re really passionate about your dogs, the Collectors’ Edition includes 25 hand-painted dog figures for expanded play.

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