Coming Soon: Mozzie Hoverboards

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Head’s up on a new product that is arriving on American soil in the next couple of weeks. I’d like to introduce you to Mozzie – a brand-new company that has created  an update on  the previously combustible hoverboard. Mozzie boards have done this by using lithium phosphate batteries, meaning they’re safer than the Lithium Ion batteries known to catch fire.

The Mozzie board also solves another safety concern raised by past hoverboard designs with its patented TruRide “load-cell” technology
This technology ensures that both feet must be firmly placed on the board before it begins to move, making it the safest hoverboard option on the market.

In addition to Mozzie’s advanced safety measures, their boards are equipped with features that elevate its standing from other hoverboards on the market. Mozzie boards include built-in LED lights and Bluetooth enabled speakers allowing riders to play music through an easy-to-use app. I personally have already ordered one and look forward to reporting back with a full review in the week’s to follow.

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