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Update #13: Totality in Columbia, MO by Joey Mills:


Update #12: near max in Colorado Springs by Patricia:


Update #11: How a GeekDad watched the eclipse, by Chris W:


Update #10: Camera obscura view by Randy Slavey:


Update #9: Max coverage in Northern CA:


Update #8: Jonathan writes GeekDad in the solar eclipse font!!

eclipse font

Update #7: Almost there, via proper filters or an iPhone lens aberration.


Update #6: Colander crescent by Jules in Vancouver.


Update #5: Pinhole images by Jonathan in Portland, and a video from yours truly in Silicon Valley:

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Update #4: An early pic from Chris W:


Update #3: Exploratium cams, including a feed from space with “Total Eclipse of the Heart” playing.

Update #2: Some livestream links:

And it’s TIME TO START THE ECLIPSE PLAYLIST – and a link to the playlist on Spotify!

Update #1: Here’s a song for your Eclipse experience, from our favorite geek chanteuse, Marian Call:


Eclipse 2017
The EarthCam Eclipse Map.

We’re geeks, we love science, and the total eclipse hitting the US today may be our one chance to see such an awesome astronomical display, so we’re going to enjoy it. A large number of the GeekDads and GeekMoms are out to see the totality (or the mostality) with our families, or wherever we can, and we’re going to share it with you. We’ll update with new pictures and livestreams from all over as they become available, so stay tunes, and refresh often!

To start things off, and especially if you’re stuck inside today, here’s webcam service EarthCam’s map of their webcams that are in the path of the totality. Their cam on the Space Needle will see things the earliest, starting around 12.08pm EDT, but it’ll only reach 91% totality. ┬áThis cam in Jackson Hole, WY will start a few minutes later, and will reach 100% totality at 1:36pm EDT.

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