Geek Daily Deals 080717 slow juicer binders

Geek Daily Deals for August 7, 2017: Slow Juicer for 60% Off; 4 x 1″Binders for $8

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Geek Daily Deals 080717 slow juicer binders


Geek Daily Deals:

Argus Le Slow Juicer:

Have you made a compact with your kids to start the new school year off eating right? Or maybe it’s just time to treat the family to some truly fresh foods. Whatever the case, you may be hard pressed (heh) to pass this deal up. It’s a slow juicer, meaning that it gently but firmly squeezes every last drop of tasty and healthy juice out of your fruits and vegetables, keeping the good stuff in. Special features include:

  • High juice yield and pure taste — Extracts 10% more Juice than Centrifugal juicers, small mesh balances the juice taste and juice yield.(Orange 85-90%, Pear 78-83%, Apple 70-75%, Celery 74-78%, Carrot 42-48%)
  • Innovative 3 in 1 auger system — Squeezing, filter and collecting all in one part ,thanks to simple design, it takes only 2min to disassemble and clean !
  • Smart juice bowl — 24 ribs around the inner wall of the juice bowl, only 0.21cm between inner wall and squeezing auger ,increasing the efficiency of grinding
  • High efficiency — Top quality 150W DC motor with low speed of 65 rpm , higher energy efficiency and lower noise compared to other AC motor juicer .The low-speed rotation eliminates oxidation and retains more enzymes. Equipped with a 1.6m length cable for easy moving.
  • Food grade materials — All parts (stainless steel filter, the silicone components, auger and juice bowl) are made of baby food grade anti-oxidation materials. BPA-free

And the best part is that, compared to the other slow juicers on the market, it’s a huge deal becauseĀ it’s on sale today for just $100!

Amazon Basics 4-Pack of 1″ 3-Ring Binders:

This is pretty simple: we always need new binders to start the new school year. Binders are not always cheap. These Amazon Basic binders are usually pretty inexpensive, but today they’re on special sale; just $2 per binder! How can you pass this deal up? Save on the 4-pack for just $8!


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