Vi earphones include an AI fitness trainer.

Artificial Intelligence in Vi Earphones Improves Fitness Training

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Vi earphones include an AI fitness trainer.

Vi earphones incorporate an artificial intelligence (AI) personal trainer who is the world’s first AI personal trainer to coach and motivate. The trainer gathers data from in-ear biosensing technology (including heart rate, motion, distance, speed, elevation, and more) combined with a 6-axis accelerometer, gyrometer, and barometer then utilizes this information to provide personalized fitness training advice.

Vi is not like anything people will have heard or seen before. She is a listening, talking trainer that is aware of a person's surroundings, physiology and activities inside and outside of workout sessions. Our vision is to build the best AI companion for body and mind. The natural first step was delivering an amazing voice-centric running experience, but we are already exploring opportunities to bring Vi to other devices and health and wellness settings.
 -- Omri Yoffe, CEO of LifeBEAM

The earphones connect with the related mobile device application (available on both iOS and Android) allowing users to set goals, review progress, customize Vi, and provide feedback during workouts. Vi guides users on their specified goals (from increasing stamina to weight loss) by helping them burn more calories, improve their runs, manage exhaustion, and avoid injury through audio cues that improve running cadence, keeping users within the right effort zone, and adjust pace to help meet time, distance, or fitness targets.

The lightweight and comfortable design of Vi earphones is sweat and water resistant. The form factor hangs around the user’s neck with magnetic tips at the base that allow her earbuds to be secured when not in use. Vi’s high fidelity sound is powered by Harman Kardon speakers and provides music that is integrated into the app with music through Spotify or local playlists.

The Vi AI creates a life-like trainer experience with a voice that converses with users throughout their workout and also when triggers by spoken commands. Asking “Vi how am I doing?” will trigger an update of current stats, while “Vi step to the beat” will trigger her cadence coaching capabilities.

Vi earphones include an AI fitness trainer.
Vi earphones include an AI fitness trainer.
Image Credit: LifeBEAM

Currently, the AI trainer in Vi only works for running and cycling and because it uses GPS to track distance it will only work outside (not for running on a treadmill or in spin classes).

Vi is available now at and for $249.

Additional retailers, including Best Buy, are expected to have Vi on shelves this summer.

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