SDCC 2017 Gotham City Garage

SDCC 2017: DC Collectibles Reveals Gotham City Garage Supergirl and Batgirl

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SDCC 2017 DC Collectibles
Wonder Woman does not have time for this (Image:DC Collectibles)

DC Collectibles unveiled some amazing new statues and figures at SDCC on Thursday. There were new BTAS figures (with interchangeable faces and a Jokermobile!), lots of comic and movie-based Justice League action figures (three of my favorite comic figures are pictured above), and more Batman statues than you could shake a Batarang at. But I couldn’t take my eyes off the amazing Gotham City Garage, DC Bombshells, and artist-inspired statues.

Gotham City Garage

SDCC 2017 Gotham City Garage
Supergirl on the left, Batgirl on the right…and if you needed that clarification, you might be in the wrong article (Image: DC Collectibles)

Gotham City Garage is back with two amazing statues. Supergirl is the first GCG statue to feature only part of a bike, the engine in this case, held high above her head. But what she lacks in vehicular accouterments, she makes up for in muscle. This is no wafer-thin, stick-limbed Supergirl. There’s no wasp waist, no thigh gap. GCG Supergirl will drop kick you into the next state. And I don’t know what sort of Kryptonian sorcery had to be performed, but her dual unicorn belly tattoo is so good, I want it to be cannon.

Batgirl is the most dynamic statue we’ve seen from the line so far. She’s in mid-wheelie and looks like she’s about to launch either the bike or herself at someone. Her black and yellow leather outfit is spot-on; but I do wish she didn’t have the little leather biker cap. That’s just a personal preference, though. It totally fits with the line and the statue. I don’t see a tattoo anywhere on Bats, but she doesn’t have a lot of exposed skin to stick one on. Maybe her lower back? I’m sure it’s there. After all, if this line is known for anything other than bikes, it’s the amazing tattoo art.

DC Bombshells

SDCC 2017 DC Bombshells
Zatanna and Black Canary are part of the next wave of action figures. Green Lantern is next in the statue line (Image: DC Collectibles)

Moving on to DC Bombshells, we have Zatanna and Black Canary joining the already impressive action figure line. As usual, the stock photos make them look a little…odd? But these are figures that are meant to be seen in 3D. I have no doubt that the expressive sculpts will look amazing in person. Plus, Zatanna has a bunny Constantine with a tie and cigarette, how can you resist that?

The Green Lantern statue is gorgeously sculpted, right down to the power lantern traffic light and willpower energy Stop sign and traffic cones. I wasn’t familiar with space-cop-turned-traffic-cop GL before this, but now I’m definitely checking her out in-series. The joke is just too good (especially for someone like me who always thought the Corp needed to be taken down a peg).

Artists Alley, Harley, and Cover Girls

SDCC 2017 DC Collectibles
Batman by HaiNaNu “Nooligan” Saulque, Wonder Woman by Chris Uminga, and Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy by Sho Murase. (Image: DC Collectibles)

The new artist-inspired series are mind-blowing. Making up the 2018 Artists Alley line are three series of incredibly expressive statues. HaiNaNu Saulque’s hipster-inspired Batman (love the socks and hightops) will be joined by equally unique Joker and Harley statues. Chris Uminga has an entire Justice League of statues that look they just burst out of a cartoon or comic strip. His Wonder Woman makes me grin every time I look at it. Rounding out the the line is an impressive trio of DC females, Harley Quinn, Poision Ivy, and Catwoman (not pictured). They look more like three-tone ink drawings that play with the negative space on the page than 3D statues and it’s blowing my mind how incredible they all look!

SDCC 2017 DC Collectibles
Harley Quinn by Babs Tarr (Image: DC Collectibles)

Speaking of three-tone palettes, the Harley Quinn Red, White, and Black statue line will continue with more artist-inspired statues. My favorite of the bunch by a mile is by the impossibly talented Babs Tarr. Her rollergirl Harley is in mid-leap, ready to pound you into dust with her mallet. From the pose, to her flying hair, this is one statue that every Harley fan must own.

SDCC 2017 DC Collectibles
2018 Cover Girl Statues. (Image: Will James)

Speaking of Babs, her Batgirl of Burnside is the highlight of the 2018 Cover Girls statues. Coming out next August, and based on the art of Joëlle Jones, Batgirl doing a handstand leap while taking a selfie is everything I didn’t know I needed to make my life perfect. Seriously, I could stare at this statue all day and not get tired of it. From her expression to the dynamic pose, it’s possibly the best statue I’ve seen of this version of Batgirl.

Stay tuned for more highlights from SDCC 2017 this weekend! And follow Will James on Instagram for up-to-the-second highlights.

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