Geek Daily Deals 072517 USB C Hub XBOX Controller Charger

Geek Daily Deals for July 25, 2017: Laptop Hub for 4K Video and More; XBox One Controller Charging Dock

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Geek Daily Deals 072517 USB C Hub  XBOX Controller Charger


Geek Daily Deals:

Cantree USB C Hub/Adaptor for HDMI, SD Cards and More:

When it comes to laptop computers, there is an ongoing war between making the sleekest, thinnest, most elegant machines, and making a machine that will do everything you might need it to do. There is the continuing quest for the one port to rule them all; a standard port via which you can do anything, like plugging in monitors, projectors, keyboard, mice, external storage, or whatever. We’re still not quite there yet. So we either get a Swiss-army laptop, or we get a minimal machine and carry around adaptor. This USB C hub from Cantree tries to find the sweet spot as an accessory you only have to take out of your tech bag when you need it, but being indispensable because of what it lets you do. Plug it into the USB C port on your sleek little laptop (check which machines it works with), and suddenly you can drive an external 4k monitor or projector, plus plug in keyboards, mice, backup storage, re-charge your phone or tablet, add speakers, and so on. It’s quite the multi-tool. And it’s on sale today for just $33.

Jelly Comb XBox One Dual-Controller Charging Station:

Wireless charging for your game controllers is really, really the best way to go. No cords stretching across the living room, or pulling out of your controller at a key moment in a game, and no dead batteries to recycle. Just play your games, and then park your controller in the charging dock when you’re done. This dual-controller charging station will take care of business and keep you fragging n00bs all day long. And it’s on sale today for just $20.


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