GBBP 139: Mark Gagliardi & Hal Lublin

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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 139: Mark Gagliardi & Hal Lublin

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This episode is an absolute treat. We’re joined by Mark Gagliardi and Hal Lublin to talk about their podcast, We Got This! with Mark and Hal, along with a discussion sampler platter that covers a bit of their diverse careers.

Accomplished comedians and actors, Mark and Hal were both part of the core Workjuice Players cast on The Thrilling Adventure Hour (check out our conversation with co-creator Ben Blacker here) and have recurring roles on Welcome to Night Vale (check out our conversation with Cecil Baldwin here). Mark has also appeared several times on Drunk History and was the voice of Batman on DC Super Friends. Similarly, Hal has also been all over the place, including recurring roles on The Venture Brothers.

We Got This! with Mark and Hal is basically what happens in every bar toward closing time. They take completely pointless debates and settle them once and for all. Who’s the best TV mom? Who’s the best cereal mascot? Calling or texting? What’s the best Disney ride? It’s amazing how you suddenly have very strong feelings about the dumbest arguments.

On this episode, we talk about We Got This!, their upcoming live show in Philadelphia on July 21, the importance of live audiences, just how real the drunkenness on Drunk History really is, and singing Aladdin twice a day for two years. We also play the home version of their podcast as we throw random meaningless debates at them to see where they stand. Just who is the the best U.S. vice president? Who wins in the epic Tic Tac versus Mentos throwdown? What’s the best song in Hamilton? You’ll have to listen to find out.


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