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The Dice Section 37: Stone Age

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Stone Age board game

If you like tabletop games and you’re looking for an in-depth review of the latest and greatest offerings, you’ll love the Dice Section podcast. Hosts Michael Harrison, Dave Kirby, and Geoff Morochnick spend a whole month playing a single game over and over again, probably more than is healthy, and then record their thoughts on how it held up. It’s not a shallow overview… it’s a deep and gory Dice Section.

In this episode, the guys head back to prehistoric times with Stone Age from Hans Im Gl├╝ck and Rio Grande Games. Theme aside (cavemen, huts, etc.), this game isn’t exactly bleeding edge. Published nearly a decade ago when the hobby board game market was a very different place, somehow it escaped both Dave’s and Michael’s attentions. Advantage: Geoff.

Stone Age was designed by Bernd Brunnhofer (a.k.a., Michael Tummelhofer) with art by Michael Menzel.

Lesson of the week? If this hut’s a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’.

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