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Box of Holding
Box of Holding in Quartersawn Sycamore (Image Credit: Anthony Karcz)

Have you resisted the siren call of premium wood gaming gear to transport your kit from RPG session to RPG session? Did you like the concept of Wyrmwood’s miniature vault but need more room for all of your stuff? You’re in luck. The new Box of Holding on Kickstarter is here to provide you with quality, high-end transport for multiple miniatures, dice sets, and more.

Aaron Cain has been making custom wood Magic: The Gathering boxes for the past five years. With this Kickstarter, he’s branching out and creating a storage solution that combines a miniature vault, dice vault, and dice rolling tray.

In hand, the Box of Holding feels and looks like a solid piece of finished wood. It’s when you pry off the lid (held in place by four strong, almost too strong, magnets) that you’ll find the four-row dice vault. The dice vault comes in a few different wood options. Maple or walnut are included in the basic tiers, with wenge, redheart, and holly showing up in higher tiers. One detail I missed at first was that the spline joints that hold the box together (no glueing here) are made from the same wood as the dice vault. It’s a small thing but particularly nice when the wood colors contrast.

Box of Holding Vault and Tray
Oh, sure. When it doesn’t count, the dice love me. (Image Credit: Anthony Karcz)

While you’re admiring your four rows of dice (or extra weapons, or pencils, or whatever you need to store), you can flip the lid of the Box over and use it as a felt-lined rolling tray.

Pluck foam! He’ll be very safe…assuming he survived the process. (Image Credit: Anthony Karcz)

Pulling the dice vault out reveals the Box of Holding’s last secret, a large miniature vault filled with pluck foam! You can store around three standard character minis in the foam, or a couple of larger minis, or, in my case, one 3.75-inch action figure. The foam can be removed completely in the case of bulk or unpainted minis that you don’t mind knocking around a bit.

Other than occasionally worrying that I was going to rip the lid off and send my dice flying due to the grip strength of the magnets on the lid, there’s nothing negative I can say about the Box of Holding. It’s an amazing gaming accessory that not only compliments an RPG player’s inventory but helps consolidate the myriad of containers that we seem to accumulate.

The Box of Holding starts at $150 for Hickory and Oak Boxes to be delivered in February (unfortunately, the December delivery tier is sold out). As with other Kickstarters of this type (think Wyrmwood), spending more lets you choose from more exotic woods, all the way up to a $595 Ebony tier. One caveat, though: those premium tiers won’t be available unless there are enough backers to unlock them. While the Box of Holding has met its funding goal, and 40 backers have been enough to unlock a lot of the available woods, there are just 10 days left in the campaign, so backers might not see those super high-end wood choices (now would be a good time to peruse our Crowdfunding Primer).

The Box of Holding is a gorgeous gaming accessory and would be a welcome addition to any RPG aficionado’s collection. And while all woods might not be unlocked, the truth is any version is a stunning example of master-level woodworking. Wyrmwood better watch its back! Time is short on this one, so check out the Kickstarter campaign page today!

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