Roll Player board game

The Dice Section 36: Roll Player

If you like tabletop games and you’re looking for an in-depth review of the latest and greatest offerings, you’ll love the Dice Section podcast. We spend a whole month playing a single game over and over again, and then record our thoughts on how it held up. It’s not a shallow overview… it’s a deep and gory Dice Section. In this episode, the guys min-max and munchkin their way through Keith Matejka’s Roll Player.

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Dice Games © Sophie Brown

Late to The Game: Dice Games

As fantastic as board games are, they can be very long and very complex. During game nights it can be nice to break up the more long-winded games with short, simple ones and dice games fit the bill perfectly. Here are three of my favourite dice games to play quickly between longer rounds of Catan and Magic.

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Behold! Magnificent Custom Dice Enrich Your Play

Would you say you had a plethora of dice? Many geeks do, having anywhere from a set or two of the seven traditional polyhedral dice to having bags of the stuff, where they end up being the ones supplying dice to everyone at the table. Perhaps you even have a special die or two that have special meaning or purpose. Or your favorite one. Or your lucky one. But my guess is that most of you don’t have dice like these.

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