The Rumpus Room: Wonder Woman Saves the Day

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Welcome to The Rumpus Room, your detailed look at the latest toys that deserve a place in your own toy box, playroom, or collection.

Today we’re taking a look at a couple vehicles from the new Wonder Woman line from Fisher-Price and Imaginext: Wonder Woman & Invisible Jet and Hippolyta & Battle Chariot.

It’s no secret that Wonder Woman mania has taken over the cultural conversation, with the new film breaking records, kicking butt, and taking names. Why should the little ones miss out on all the fun? With that in mind, may I present to you the new Wonder Woman Imaginext toys?

Imaginext has long been a fixture of toy store aisles and bedroom floors, and for good reason. So many of their toys are incredibly well made, and their superhero line, in particular, goes fairly deep into the DC roster. And now their Wonder Woman toys let you bring all that incredible Amazonian power home.

These two sets are – I’m going to be honest – pretty much the highlights of the entire line. I’m not knocking the other sets; it’s just that these two are so clearly the ones you’re going to want that it’s a bit unfair to compare them.

There aren’t a lot of “bells and whistles” on either, but when you’re talking about toys primarily aimed at preschool-aged kids, they don’t need to be super fancy. The Invisible Jet has a firing lasso, a spinning turbine, and space in the cockpit for Wonder Woman to take the controls.

Turn the “power pad” on Hippolyta’s battle chariot to arm the crossbow and raise the side shields. Then fire the crossbow to take down the bad guys!

If you’ve got pint-sized superheroes or Amazonian-obsessed little ones in the house, these are sure to fire up their imaginations and allow them to conquer any obstacles that might be in their way.

Other sets in the Wonder Woman collection include:

  • Themyscira Island
  • Wonder Woman & Warrior Suit
  • Ares Battle Pack
  • Cheetah & Cycle
  • Steve Trevor & Island Defense
  • Minotaur & Cyclops

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