SaulPaul talks to kids on their level. Who else would describe the dictionary as “if you could print out the Internet,” as he does on “Just Call,” a track on his new seven-track EP, Okay To Be Different, available from the new exclusive children’s music label, 8 Lb. Gorilla Records.
Okay To Be Different from SaulPaul

Eager to promote his message of the power of believing in yourself, the Austin-based SaulPaul has produced a Big Bang explosion of activity in the past two years, slowly only incrementally by the pandemic. His mission of positivity has encompassed an autobiography (Be The Change), a TedTalk, and his music. SaulPaul deals with universal concepts using hiphop and power pop concepts to supercharge young minds and make them instantly relatable. 

Embracing change is difficult, but it’s an essential part of life. SaulPaul tackles the subject head on with “Be Myself,” letting kids know that no matter what they go through, they come out as themselves. Learning (either inner knowledge or through remote or in-person school) is another constant, with the challenges faced by students and teachers alike addressed on “Champions” and “Live and Learn,” featuring Candy Coburn. The E3 Alliance commissioned SaulPaul to write “Ace It” for their “Attend. Commit. Engage” campaign to inspire struggling youths to stay focused on their studies during the pandemic. Twinkle Time duets on “Just Call” and “Ready Set Go,” featuring Nikki B, explains that being prepared for anything is a superpower:

I’ma give my best
You can bet that’s so
All that stress
I’ma let that go

Nobody’s perfect. SaulPaul wants children to know that every effort and little victory is worth celebrating, allowing families and friends to achieve the mythical “best day ever.” Doesn’t that sound nice as summer comes calling. 

Okay To Be Different is available from SaulPaul’s website8 Lb Gorilla RecordsAmazonSpotify, and Apple Music.

Here is the video for the song “Ace It”:

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