Daily Deals 060717

256GB Micro SD Card for Less Than $0.50/GB; Get Smoking With Cuisinart for $115 – Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 060717

It’s quite possible the ultraportable laptop or mobile phone/tablet you’re working on right now has less than 256GB of memory. And you probably get frustrated when you have to clear out space every now and then. Imagine if you had an extra 256GB of flash storage available? Or maybe you have a nice DSLR and want to take more pictures and video in RAW format? Whatever the case, the idea that you can add 256GB of extra flash storage by sliding in a chip the size of your pinky finger is mind blowing; as it the fact that you can buy such a chip for just $117 today.

Smoked meats are one of the savory pleasures of life. And you can start producing your own amazing foods at home with this 18″ vertical smoker from Cuisinart, on sale today over 40% off!


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