Roller coaster: Joker 4D at SixFlagsNewEngland

The Joker Is Six Flags New England’s 13th Coaster

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Roller coaster: Joker 4D at SixFlagsNewEngland
The Joker “4D” Fly Free roller coaster at Six Flags New England. image by Corrina Lawson

To answer the obvious question, yes, the Joker Fly Free coaster at Six Flags New England is more than a bit terrifying. That’s because it adds an extra dimension to the roller coaster experience, in that your seats actually roll over during the ride.

So, in other words, as you’re hitting the ups and downs and twists, your seat is rolling over.

The statistics:

  • Height: 120 feet
  • Height requirements: 48″ (maximum height 77″)
  • Capacity: 8 per vehicle with a total of 5 vehicles
  • Speed: 38 mph
  • Duration: 1 minute

Two of those statistics stand out for me. First is the top speed. In no way does it feel like slow. I’d have guessed something closer to the 77 mph top speed of Superman: The Ride at the same park. The second is the duration of one minute. Alas, that’s the ride’s only flaw: it’s over too fast. There are no doubt reasons for that, which are related to the need to use magnetic technology makes the”fly free” experience possible, but, still it will leave you wanting more.

But the Joker completely delivers on the s┬ápromise to provide a coaster experience like none other in the park, especially with the free-falling somersault. I highly recommend for those who love thrill rides. Among the thirteen coasters at Six Flags New England, it’s a must-ride, along with Superman: The Ride, Wicked Cyclone, and the Galactic Attack Virtual Reality Coaster.

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