Daily Deals 062017

We have an old Jeep that’s kind of a back-up car. Problem is, even though the battery itself is healthy, there’s some small drain on it, such that if we don’t use the car for a couple weeks, it won’t start. Usually that means pulling out the jumper cables, and maneuvering one of our other cars around to set up a jump. But I saw something on Amazon that I just had to try. TheĀ GOOLOO 700A Peak Car Jump Starter is actually a very handy little gadget. Basically, it’s an 18,000 mAh rechargeable battery pack, just like you may have in your everyday carry tech bag to re-juice your gadgets. But it also has the circuity needed to deliver part of that charge as a high-amp jump that a car can use to turnover and start. This makes it a perfect safety device to carry in the trunk (it has an extra bright LED as well). I used ours this morning, and it worked like a charm. It comes with both the jumper cables needed for your car, and USB cables for charging devices. Check it out for just $70!

Tsuro: The Game of the Path is one of our favorite family games for all ages, because the rules are very simple, and it plays quickly, but everyone can have fun and there’s great repeatability. In essence, it’s like Snakes and Ladders, but with a measure of strategy that makes it much more interesting. This one is a must have for any game collection, and you can pick up your copy today for just $19!


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