Betrayal at Baldur's Gate Game Box

Stab Your Friends in the Back in ‘Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate’

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Betrayal at Baldur's Gate Game Box

Ever since I played Betrayal at House on the Hill with Patrick Rothfuss at a Worldbuilders fundraiser, it has been on my list of games to purchase.

With the announcement during Stream of Annihilation that a Dungeons & Dragons/Betrayal mash-up will be released in October, it’s time to buy! Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate will bring the same level of exploration, horrible monsters, and sudden but inevitable betrayal to the D&D universe.

Patrick Rothfuss playing Betrayal at House on the Hill
Ever since I was introduced to ‘Betrayal at House on the Hill’ with Patrick Rothfuss at a Worldbuilders fundraiser during ECCC, it has been on my boardgame wishlist. Photo by Ryan Hiller.

In Betrayal, the game starts cooperatively, but at some point in the game, one of the players turns on the rest of the party, resulting in mayhem and often total party death. Great fun!

“The core of both D&D and Betrayal is story, exploration, and (mostly) working together so this was a pretty seamless mash-up,” said Shelly Mazzanoble, Brand Manager for Avalon Hill. “Because this is a D&D experience, you’ll see more cooperative haunts than in the original game. But it’s also Baldur’s Gate, so there is definitely some double-dealing treachery going down.”

Betrayal at Balder's Gate Contents
Contents of ‘Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate.’ Minis! Image from Wizards of the Coast and Avalon Hill.

Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate includes:

  • 50 brand new scenarios set in the world of the Forgotten Realms
  • 47 new location tiles, including buildings, streets, and catacombs
  • 86 new cards, including 22 items, 45 events, and 13 omens
  • 18 new monsters to encounter including minotaurs, beholders, and dragons
  • 12 D&D adventurers including a dwarf barbarian, half-orc paladin, and human sorcerer
  • 6 plastic adventurer figures

Available October 20, 2017, you can preorder Betrayal at Balder’s Gate now on Amazon.

Ah, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

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