Jurassic-Sized Fun for All Ages

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Have a dino-loving kid (or adult) on your list this year? Chances are you do. Well, it just so happens that there was a rather major movie out earlier this year that centered on dinosaurs. Remember that one?

Listen, Jurassic World may not be entirely appropriate for young kids, but that doesn’t mean some of its merchandise isn’t perfect for all ages. Dinosaurs are cool, man! I mean, they’re terrifying when they come to life on screen and start eating people, but when they’re just little bits of plastic or created with 1s and 0s? They’re cool, man!


We’ve covered the Zoomer Dino from Spin Master before, and the original model actually won the 2015 Toy of the Year award from the Toy Industry Association. It was also awarded Innovative Toy of the Year and Boy Toy of the Year (whatever that means).

The newest model, though, looks like Indominus Rex from Jurassic World, and it’s pretty awesome.

Just like previous models, the I-Rex Zoomer Dino is an incredibly cool remote-control toy that balances on two wheels, roams freely, and responds to your voice and hand motions. You can guide the dino with a remote control, but the I-Rex is fairly autonomous and, left alone, will roam around your house, causing adorable mayhem. If you choose to use the remote control, you can record a sequence of “combo moves” and store it for playback.

Also like previous models, the I-Rex can enter “attack mode” (where she thrashes back and forth, roars a lot, and spins around) and “patrol mode” (where she roams freely to explore her environment).

The sculpt of the I-Rex is obviously new, and–in my opinion–vastly superior to the Boomer or Jester models. Also unique to this model are sounds and roars from the film, which makes the I-Rex sound much more menacing than her cousins, but that’s half the fun!

If your kids have a previous model of the Zoomer Dino, one of their favorite features may be the farts. Alas, the I-Rex doesn’t fart. For shame!

Still, this is a great toy and should make any dino fan delirious with joy.


We’re also not shy about our love for LEGO here at GeekDad. Prior to this year, it had been entirely too long since we had a dinosaur theme in the LEGO aisle. (The most recent Dino theme retired in 2012.) It was therefore with much excitement that we saw the release of the Jurassic World theme.

legodinoAnd it doesn’t disappoint. The six sets that comprise the theme are all pretty awesome. And just like most LEGO themes, those sets range in size, complexity, and price. Unfortunately, if you want the I-Rex “minifigure,” you need to shell out the big bucks for the biggest (and most expensive) set in the theme: Indominus Rex Breakout.

Fear not, however, because even the mid-range, more affordable sets are still filled with dino awesomeness. For example, Dilophosaurus AmbushPteranodon Capture, and Raptor Rampage won’t necessarily break the bank, and each comes with sweet LEGO dinosaurs and vehicles to create your own brick-inspired mayhem.

As always, do a bit of comparison shopping if you’re going to pick up LEGO online. Beware of inflated prices from third-party sellers. And if you’re interested in grabbing some of these Jurassic World sets, I’d recommend jumping on them sooner rather than later. Franchise themes such as this don’t tend to stick around forever… or even for very long.


Speaking of LEGO, you certainly can’t go wrong with a LEGO themed video game. If you haven’t bought into LEGO Dimensions (or even if you have), LEGO Jurassic World is a phenomenal game that takes you through all four films. And it’s great fun for all ages.

Hope these ideas bring some Jurassic-sized fun to your little ones this season. Enjoy!

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  1. I think the LEGO Jurassic World video game may well be the top pick of your Jurassic themed selections. The video game allows for co-op gameplay and hours of giggles for young and young and heart alike. The Spin Master Indominus Rex will experience a finite amount of play time before joining other forgotten toys on the shelf. And the LEGO Jurassic themed sets lose their luster quickly once built.

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