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Motor City Comic Con – Cosplay Round-up

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This weekend I had the privilege of covering the Motor City Comic Con, Michigan’s largest comic and media convention, and one that I’ve personally gone to many times. While lighter than many cons on panels, it had a much larger vendor room and has become Michigan’s premier showcase of cosplay talents. As such, I thought it fitting that my first post about the Motor City Comic Con (there will be interviews I conducted, later) be a roundup of some of the outstanding cosplay I witnessed.

While this is by no means the absolute best (there were some I didn’t get to photograph), it’s representative of some of the best, and most amusing, I saw.

Without further ado:

Working Iron Man Suit

This Iron Man suit lit up, the face mask would move to cover the face or reveal it without any visible manipulation, and overall was just awesome.

Iron Man Suit Cosplay

Space Balls (Group Cosplay)

Needless to say, the schwartz was with these ones.

Space Balls Cosplay

Optimus Prime

What can I say? I have a weakness for autobots.

MCCC Optimus Prime Cosplay

Jar Jar Binks’ Head (group cosplay)

I’m sure someone from the Star Wars fandom will scold me for not including whoever the ladies were supposed to be cosplaying, but let’s be honest, there’s one reason I took the picture.

Jar Jar Head Cosplay

The Wesley Crushers (group cosplay, band)

These guys were fantastic, traveling around the con playing music for people. The instruments worked, and they weren’t bad.

Wesley Crushers Band

Little Mermaid (group cosplay)

While he made a fantastic Eric, I wasn’t sure if he was cosplaying with her or just an odd dresser until he picked her up. Fantastic mermaid costume.

Little Mermaid Cosplay

Bonus Cosplay – Abe Lincoln

Definitely not someone you expect to see at a comic con (at least without some zombie killing weapons), but a fantastic cosplay nonetheless. One picture of him, and another picture next to a normal-sized person to showcase his height.

Abe Lincoln Cosplay

Lincoln standing next to a normal sized person for height

To all who cosplayed at MCCC 2015, thank you. Your talents and passion are what make this convention so much fun to go to each and every year. See you all next year!

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6 thoughts on “Motor City Comic Con – Cosplay Round-up

  1. Those guys dressed in Spaceballs costumes look like a bunch of assholes. (Get it? See what I did there? Cause that was a line from the movie. You see? Ah…what do you know from funny!!)

  2. Wow! What a dick comment, “To all who cosplayed at MCCC 2015, thank you. Your talents and passion are what make this convention so much fun to go to each and every year.” What is my part not significant enough? Is my daughter not a big enough fan because she chooses not to cosplay? Did I not pay the same entry fee, did we not walk the same miles of convention floor? Overpay for pretzels and soda?
    I’m not begrudging cosplayers, I commend them for making a costume and wearing it, I’m tired of every outlet ONLY focusing on them. And a lot of times I believe it reflects negatively on the geek community. I’ve been attending cons for decades, my daughter for 15 years – she’s only 15, so she’s been going since an infant – we’re just as dedicated, but what are we second class citizens because we elect to wear t-shirts and jeans? We’ve traveled to London, for one autograph. Traveled through the night – 695 miles- to attend a con for one day so I could turn right around so I could go to work. My geek collection made the front page of CNN, much to my Mother’s extreme joy!
    However, I make references to myself, I walk many, so many conventions, from small conventions in the U.K. with 200 fans, up to your big mega conventions and see many people that are similarly dressed, more than I see cosplayers. T-shirt and jeans. Perhaps it’s a character shirt, or a witty comment, someone’s favorite video game, etc…I was just at Comicpalooza with 50,000 fans, and NYCC has 100,000 plus fans. You’re hurtfully only focusing on a small selection of fans that turn out. You and every other outlet that thinks cosplaying is the be all end all of convention geekcred.
    I stand in line with both cosplayers and non-costumed fans and what happens when waiting for entry or a celebrity line you get to talking. They not any worse or any better than anyone else there. They’re geeky fans. Why don’t you focus on that for once!!

    1. Glenn, I don’t think this article was negating your contributions to “geekdom” or minimizing your fandom (humblebrags included). Perhaps fans who wait in line for autographs wearing t-shirts and jeans simply don’t do anything to make conventions “so much fun to go to” for everyone else.

      1. Then what about the people that host or visit panels. Fan groups or panels. True dungeon. Those that host gaming groups or tutorials? Comicpalooza had a huge area for Makers, robotics, NASA, swordplay lessons. Are they worth less because they don’t wear costumes? Some panels are hilarious, some groups or fan club meetups are a wonder. I know some panels suck, some gaming groups suck, and you’ll admit some costumes suck. They’re trying to make the cons fun too. Maybe cosplayers make it fun for some but not everyone! we’re all trying to make the con fun in multiple ways!

        1. I will say that this is not the only post coming out of the MCCC. There are several interviews that will also be posted, but take a little longer to prepare. I do apologize if my excitement for the talents of the cosplayers made it sound (incorrectly) as if I exclusively appreciate cosplayers.

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