Rare Joule Sale Is the Cheapest Way for You to Dive Into Sous Vide

A little less flashy, but at a respectable discount (Image: ChefSteps)

Joule is launching a new version of their sous vide device that keeps the same internals, but loses the stainless steel accents. It’s a little less blingy, but costs $30 less than the original stainless version. To celebrate the release, Joule is offering an extremely rare discount. From now until tomorrow, May 31, at midnight (PST), you can nab the new Joule for $149 and the flagship model for $169.

Since I wrote my original review, I’ve continued to enjoy pressing the Joule into service on those nights where I’m looking for an easier prep on something (or I simply can’t be trusted to get the the temperature of the protein right).

Other than the casing, the unit is the same, down to the orange magnetic foot. (Image: ChefSteps)

Act now because on June 1, these babies will go back to their $179 and $199 retail price. You can grab yours on Amazon or directly from the ChefSteps.com website.

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