KST GDGT 050517

9 Neat New Projects on Kickstarter This Week

Kickstarter Projects Technology

KST GDGT 050517
Qmod: Energy Toys for Future Innovators

Learning about the science of energy in a hands-on way.


The Neptune Convertible Art Lens System

Just launched! Lomography‘s latest project is a grab bag of retro lenses.


NeoLucida XL

An easier-to-use version of a resurrected 19th-century drawing tool.


SID, The Next Revolution In 3D Storytelling

Capture, edit, and share stable 3D video on a smartphone.


Pokitto – easy-to-learn and program Gaming Gadget!

This little gaming buddy is fully hackable.


AirBuddy | explore the underwater with tankless dive gear

Feeds air to the diver from an air compressor in a buoy on the surface.


ZX Spectrum Next

The original designer of the classic UK PC worked on this new version.


Cosmo Connected – Designed to Improve Motorcyclists Safety

Alerts the authorities, friends, and family when your bike wipes out.


Loog Pro & Loog Mini: The ultimate beginners’ guitars

Three-string guitars bundled with a learn-to-play app.

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