10 Amazing New Projects on Kickstarter This Week

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Kickstarter GDGT 042117

Planets Telescope: The pathway to find life on exoplanets

Seeking new planets hidden in the glare of stars.


Spark Camera Remote

Triggers a DSLR via wireless infrared or a mobile app. Fourth project from this team.


Parihug: Hug Loved Ones From Anywhere In The World

Long-distance hugging via plush avatars. Created by a college student.


World’s First Eco Robot Protecting Reefs from Lionfish

This is one highly specialized robot. It sucks up invasive lionfish.


The Everyday Smart Bra: Your Intuitive Wellness Coach

Monitors breathing, posture, and heart-rate variability to help spot signs of stress.


KUMIITA – Educational programming toy for 0 year olds on up

From Japan, a toy that’s like Cubetto, except it responds to the tiles it rolls over.


Cruzbike T50: Pain free cycling. Freedom on the open road.

This company was started by a doctor who wanted a more ergonomic bike design.


DECCO the Toddler Monitor

Hang it on a kid’s door, get notified when they’re sneaking out.


Solar Flower

It’s art. It’s a solar lamp. It’s both!


PUSH TURN MOVE – Interface Design in Electronic Music

A book on the past, present, and future of music-tech tools.

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