Reaping the Rewards: 'Fall of Magic'

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FallofMagic-BoxIn “Reaping the Rewards,” we take a look at a crowdfunded project in its final form. Today’s project is Fall of Magic, a unique storytelling role-playing game.

It might feel like you’ve heard a lot about Fall of Magic, and you’d probably be right. Not only did I cover the Kickstarter campaign, but I included it in our holiday gift guide and in our best games of 2015 list. And now that I have the final game in my hands, all I can say is, “Wow!”

FallofMagic-ComponentsFall of Magic surpassed all of my expectations for what the final game would be. The final components are absolutely gorgeous. The scroll is heavy-duty, the screen printing is perfect, and it feels like it will last years and years and through many games. The player and magi tokens are also beautiful–thick, heavy two-sided coins. Each side has a different image so there are ten choices for player tokens. Even the oversized Lost Islands cards, rulebook, and box are of great quality.

FallofMagic-DeepwayOther than the components, there were two small gameplay additions made to the game I originally covered that are in the final game–the Deepway and the Lost Islands. When the torch icon is reached on the map, players can choose to continue over land or venture underground to the Deepway. Entering the Deepway requires the scroll be flipped over. This bypasses the journey across the sea and the Lost Islands. Alternatively, if players continue across the sea, they will reach the Lost Islands. At each of the three islands, two Lost Islands cards are drawn, one is flipped over and the other is placed at the bottom of the deck.

Although the game had room for almost infinite replayability, both of these additions expand replayability even more while also adding some random unexpectedness to the game. Both of these are great additions to the original game and are both well executed.

Hopefully you’re convinced by now that you absolutely must have a copy of the game. Head over to their site to order yourself a copy!

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