Save Big on All Sorts of Cables; See Time on the Ceiling With a Projection Alarm Clock – Daily Deals!

Daily Deals 041717

Cables are the freeways of our electronic life, helping signals travel from gadget city to gadget city to work and play. And we always need more streets, and more cables, to keep things flowing. So, why not save some money while you charge that iPhone up, connect that HDMI-ported TV to that older DVI-ported tuner, or split that audio between speakers (most of those cost under $10)? Amazon Basics cables fit a whole lot of specialized needs, and save a lot of money in the process. Check out the deals!

Some days, the hardest thing you’ll ever do is turn over to look at the alarm clock. So, why not make life easier, and get a projection alarm clock that beams the time (or temperature) onto the ceiling so you can check it without moving? This fully-functional projection alarm clock with a dimmable LED display automatically updates for Daylight Savings, and will even play tunes from your phone/tablet via AUX input. And it’s on sale today for just $25!


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