Geek Daily Deals 090217 smart plugs sous vide cooker

Geek Daily Deals Sep. 2, 2017: 2-Pack of Smart Plugs for $30; Sous Vide Cooker for $90

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Geek Daily Deals 090217 smart plugs sous vide cooker

Geek Daily Deals:

Wifi Smart Plug Set of 2 Mini Smart Outlet Works with Amazon Alexa:

They’re better than the Clapper because you can literally tell them what to do! Smart plugs are really handy when used in conjunction with Alexa or Google Home, and the fact that the prices on these things keep going down is evidence they’re just getting more popular, too. You can turn them on or off via voice control or your phone, and set up special programs for when you need lights or other appliances to run.

  • INNOVATIVE POWER CONTROL: Works with Amazon Alexa, only needs wifi to control your device form smart phone no mater where you are by the free app
  • SET ON/OFF SCHEDULES: Turn on/off your devices based on specific time you set. No longer need to worry about forgetting to turn off lights, make your life more convenient
  • EASY TO USE: Supports max 10 timing tasks, support max 50 wifi smart sockets from one smart phone, easy installation, just plug a device into the smart plug and connect to your Wi-Fi network
  • ENERGY SAVING: Convenient timer functions work on your smart phone, perfect for lighting and other appliances with per-set on/off functions, make sure device can be powered off when not in use for energy savings
  • PERFECT SIZE: Mini round design that you can carry it along when you travel, and high quality will lasting many years

Get the two pack today for just $30!

Wancle Sous Vide Precision Cooker:

As I’ve mentioned countless times before, we LOVE sous vide cooking in our house. The ability to bring meat up to the perfect internal temperature before finishing on a grill or in a skillet has made for many amazing steaks, chops, and other meals. But the devices aren’t cheap; at least they weren’t until now. Obviously there’s a lot of work going into bringing the prices down. This model doesn’t have any of the wifi/Bluetooth connectivity or app control, but if you’re cooking at home, you don’t really need those things anyway. So why not save a few bucks? This one has a nice method for mounting it to your pots, and looks like it’ll do the job without fuss. So, if you’ve been itching to try out sous vide, maybe today’s the day to jump in the (perfectly warmed) water!

Get one today for just $90!


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