Daily Deals 040517

Save Big on a Land Line Call Blocker, Bake Some Batman Cookies – Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 040517

Yes, while many millennials are living exclusively off their cell phones, the majority of us still have land lines at home. Because sometimes being hard wired, and not needing power to run the phone, is a nice touch. But we still suffer from getting spammy calls, even with the so-called “Do Not Call” register. But there’s a solution! This caller ID reader sits between your land line phone and the wall connection, and comes pre-installed with over 5000 known scam phone numbers to be blocked. On top of that, it can block any “Unknown” or “Out of State” calls that come in. Plus, any other call that comes in that you realize is telemarketing or just plain undesirable, you can hit the big red BLOCK button and add to your personal block list, so you’ll never be bothered again! And best of all: it’s on sale today for just $73!

I am darkness; I am the night; I am… a buttery, flakey sugar cookie in the shape of the Bat Signal! Yup, they’re Batman cookie cutters, and they’re on sale today for just $6!


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