Tiny Plant Journey: A Miniature Garden Newbie

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Photos: Jenny Bristol

I generally like to keep my hands clean, which is one reason I haven’t delved deeply into gardening. That, and the fact that sunshine burns me to a crisp. And bugs drive me bonkers. But I’ve always been fascinated with small plants, such as bonsai and miniature gardens. A couple of decades ago, I got a DIY bonsai kit that came with pots, seeds, soil, and little metal scissors. I dutifully planted the seeds and watered them. And waited. And waited. I swear I followed directions, but all that came from that kit was a couple of barely sprouted pine seeds that were quick to die. Deflated, I put the idea down for a long time.

More recently, my interest in tiny gardens and plants has been reignited, probably due to running into some inspiration such as adorable garden ideas in photos online, the Miniature Calendar guy’s work, and admiring a friend’s model railroad scenery. I don’t like the work of a big garden (plus, sunshine, ouch), but doing a tiny garden indoors in an interesting container really appeals to me. So, with Rory’s great encouragement and his own enthusiasm to make miniature gardens and bonsai, I’m setting off on a tiny plant journey.

Photos: Jenny Bristol

We have procured a bonsai kit with four types of trees. Rory will take two, I’ll take the other two. I have a lot to learn about bonsai, but, since we’ll be growing them from seed, I have a bit of time. In addition, we found a few affordable pots and terrarium containers at IKEA, along with some glass containers we had previously. We found a couple of small succulents at IKEA, as well, and will keep an eye on tiny plants at the local nurseries. (Added bonus: Small plants are often very cheap.) I also have a few decorations to add in amongst the tiny trees, bushes, and ground cover that will hopefully, one day, fill up my containers.

I do hope to locate some groundcover plants and another miniature tree or two before I can complete my scenes. Also, the bonsai seeds will take 2-6 weeks to germinate. So I’ll post an update when my miniature gardens and bonsai look more interesting than component parts. But, at least I planted the succulents.

Photos: Jenny Bristol

I know that these beginning photos aren’t very exciting, but you’ve got to start somewhere. Stay tuned for occasional updates in this newbie’s Tiny Plant Journey.

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