Daily Deals 032217

Save on Turntables, Emergency Radios, and Shortwave; Get a 48″ Brachiosaurus – Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 032217

Sometimes Amazon packs some odd things together with their Daily Deals. Today is an example: they’re having a sale on selected electronics. The selection is strange, but also kind off cool. There’s a turntable with built-in mp3 encoding so you can rip your LPs. There’s a couple of hand-crank emergency radios (one with Bluetooth!). There’s some nice Denon equipment, and even a shortwave radio! Check out the deals here!

Because if there’s one thing every geek needs, it’s a 48″ inflatable dinosaur (I know I had one back in college – I miss you, Rex!). Today, you can pick up this Brachiosaurus for just $10, and check out the related items for a whole herd of other kinds. Now, where can I get a deal on some helium?


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