Upgrade Your Light Switch in 30 Seconds With SwitchLight From SnapPower

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Just about a year ago, I reviewed a pair of cool electrical outlet upgrades from SnapPower. The GuideLight added automatic LED night lights and SnapPower USB Charger upgraded a standard outlet with a built-in USB charger. Both were easy to install and have continued to perform flawlessly. A few weeks ago, the company sent me one of their new SwitchLights. It’s the same idea as the GuideLight—adding automatic LED night lights—but this time to a light switch. And this one was even easier to install, taking me all of 30 seconds.

SwitchLight review
Image copyright SnapPower

SnapPower Basics

SnapPower offers a line of replacement upgrades for standard household electrical outlets and light switches. They look pretty much the same as the originals at first glance, and are even offered in the standard White, Almond, and Ivory colors. Appearances are deceiving, though, as these upgraded plates offer features like built-in LED night lighting and USB charging. They are inexpensive and, best of all, extremely easy to install. As in no wiring required and no batteries.


As you can see from the photo below, the SwitchLight is larger than a standard light switch cover. It’s not very noticeable once installed, but if the switch is located close to the edge of a wall, that’s worth knowing. It is about the same profile, though, so no worries about it jutting out from the wall. You’ll likely also notice that the plastic is high quality and well finished—the standard cover from the hardware store looks pretty rough around the edges in comparison.

SwitchLight review
Standard light switch cover on left, beside a SwitchLight cover. (Photo by Brad Moon)

Behind the SwitchLight cover are two prongs. When you install the cover, these make contact with the screw terminals on the light switch itself to draw the needed power (don’t worry, the SwitchLight is UL and ETL approved).

SwitchLight review
Behind the SwitchLight are two prongs that provide power for the LEDs. (Photo by Brad Moon)

And once installed, a light sensor will automatically activate the downward firing LED lights when the room gets dark. SnapPower says they should last for 25 years.

SwitchLight review
SwitchLight operational, with LEDs on high setting. (Photo by Brad Moon)

Installation could not be easier. You need to make certain your light switch is a standard single pole variety. Then cut the power to the outlet, remove the existing cover and make sure the wiring inside the box doesn’t block contact with the screw terminals on the light switch. When all is clear, slide the SwitchLight cover on (the prongs should automatically make contact), replace the screws, and restore power. The lighting intensity is adjustable using the slider switch built into the light sensor.

In my case, it was a very straightforward swap. Not counting the time needed to cut the power, it took all of 30 seconds, and a slot screwdriver was the only tool needed.

A single SwitchLight direct from SnapPower costs $17, and they are offered in various bulk packs at discounted rates, including a 5-pack for $75.

Disclosure: SnapPower provided a SwitchLight for review purposes.

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