‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Comes to Origin Access

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Star Wars Battlefront Comes to Origin Access
Star Wars Battlefront Comes to Origin Access

Star Wars Battlefront has been quite a popular game over the last year, allowing players to interact as some of the most popular characters in the series in a first-person shooter setting in the vein of the EA/Origins Battlefield series, with the highlight of the game being some of the most realistic graphics depicting the Star Wars universe ever. One of the only things that hampered the original game was the $60 price point just to enter the game, and then the added DLC and bonus materials that could cause an additional drain on our wallets–but that problem is about to go away.

On December 13th, Star Wars Battlefront comes to Origin Access. Origin Access, for those of you who may not know, is a subscription service provided by EA/Origin for either PC or Xbox One. The service allows subscribers access to over 30+ games including Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, the entire Mass Effect series, the entire Dragon Age series, the entire EA Sports series (2015 versions), and much more. This is an amazing collection of games, and what is more impressive is the price.

For only five dollars a month, you can have access to all the games. I purchased a year subscription for my Xbox One and it only cost $30! If you are like me and just purchased your first Xbox One, this allows you to have an enormous library of games right off the bat for the cost of a used or older title. There is something in the membership for everyone. While I play sports games and Battlefield, my son plays Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Unravel, my daughter plays Dragon Age, and my wife toys with Peggle. So when you factor in just that list of games, you are looking at a huge value.


When you add to the mix the much sought after Star Wars Battlefront, this makes for an awesome stocking stuffer for the holidays this season. I know it has already brought a lot of fun and excitement to my house, and I am sure it will do the same for yours.

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