We Are Entertained: ‘Logan’

Richard finally shut down his PC and got logged into the PlayStation Store to give Horizon Zero Dawn his undivided attention. I heard a rumor that he might have even channeled his inner Lion King for a few tearful moments.

Chris haunts the local independent theater and exploits his MoviePass subscription to its fullest, finally getting the chance to see the Academy Award Nominee The Red Turtle. Does it count as a foreign language film if there is no dialogue?

Matt throws us all for a loop and sees the film Dirty GrandpaWhile simultaneously making excuses about time zones and channel surfing, he tries to explain to us that he believes there’s a good movie hiding inside this film that Rotten Tomatoes describes as “a Werther’s Original dropped down a sewer drain.” Sure thing, bucko.

Finally, the boys took in a late Thursday night showing of Logan and lived to tell the tale. After 17 years we, as fans of the Wolverine, are treated to a gritty final act by Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart as they say goodbye to the electrifying franchise. Will it live up to all the hype?

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Tune in next week as we tackle King Kong. We may even have a few special surprises coming down the pike–pay attention to extra episodes!


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