Kickstarter GDGT 030217

10 Awesome New Gadget Projects on Kickstarter This Week

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Kickstarter GDGT 030217

PLEN Cube: The Portable Personal Assistant Robot

Echoes of R2-D2, from the Tokyo-based creators of PLEN2.


Mindset: smart headphones that improve your concentration

Just launched! EEG sensors let you know when your concentration is slipping.


Wheel by Miniot

Kickstarter is the global hub for odd turntable innovations.


Musicon – Composing & Coding for ages 3 and up

Just launched! Imagine a giant player-piano roll that kids can edit on the fly.


Macchina: The Ultimate Tool for Taking Control of Your Car

You can jailbreak your phone. Why not hack your car?


Volta – This is more than your average electric bicycle

The battery is hidden in the top tube. Slick.


Speednite – A Head Motion Controlled Lighting Stem for Bikes

Headlight and turn signals respond to the motion of a sensor on the helmet.


SwapBots – The Augmented Reality Toy & Video Game by Parents

Just launched! Build a character out of cardboard modules, bring it to life on screen.


EMYS: The lovable language instruction robot for kids

A vaguely Muppet-like bot that’s a teacher and a buddy.


Intergalactic Travel Bureau: Space Vacations For All VR

Time to get away.

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