Smart Lighting Sets a Scary Hue

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Halloween Pumpkin
Halloween Pumpkin
Image Credit: Philips Hue

Using smart lighting and taking advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) can change the emotional tone of any space. What better time to take advantage of this super-power than when children come to you door seeking candy and a mild-mannered scare? Philips Hue sent a few color ambiance bulbs to the Architechnologist’s office to get us ready for the costumed hordes. Before adding the new bulbs to our smart lighting system, we got some advice from Philips Hue and John W. Rutland, cinematographer for the new horror film, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, to help create some supernatural effects of our own.

We used a little ingenuity to darken the hallway outside our office and then set a Hue color ambiance bulb to compensate with a muted, “everything is normal” color. Now, when neighbors ring the bell for their Halloween treat a single tap of the Philips Hue application turns the hallway blood-red and when the door creaks open our Hue bloom is creating an eerie, flickering greenish back-light sure to terrorize.

Next up will be pumpkin carving — this is a particularly important part of Halloween, as the Architect in the house counts on bragging rights that last all year. This year’s jack-o’lantern will raise the bar a bit higher with a Philips Hue Go inside and the third-party Hue Halloween app that synchronizes the flickering, color-changing Go with scary sound effects. (note: this year’s carving will feature the Horned King from Disney’s The Black Cauldron; we will post images once it’s done).

Now, we are getting curious — what high-tech tricks (or treats) do you use to decorate your home?

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