Daily Deals 030417

Save Big on XKCD’s ‘Thing Explainer’ Book, Get 20 Hot Wheels Cars for $15 – Daily Deals!

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Daily Deals 030417

Randall Munroe creates some of the most intelligent and irreverent comics around. His What If series will often blow your mind with both information and it’s creative use of the digital medium. So, when he puts his mind to a book that humorously, but accurately, explains very complicated things with very simple words, we should take notice. Today, you can pick up his Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words for just $12!

Yep, you’ve read that right: Hot Wheels cars are price competitive with gigabyte flash storage! Pick up this 20-car assortment pack of Hot Wheels for just $15 today, and start your kids’ imaginations racing!


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