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This week’s DC on The CW looks back at the most recent episodes of Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, where our heroes dealt with secrets and betrayals from family (Jeremiah Danvers) and friends (Caitlin Snow and Rip Hunter). We discussed the episodes on the GeekDad Facebook page as we watched them and in the days after. Here are a few of our thoughts from the week that was in the DC on The CW.

‘Supergirl’ episode 2.15, “Exodus”

Joey: Alex the bad cop now? That how we’re playing this?

Corrina: Alex & Maggie working together was pretty sweet.

Lisa H: Alex has been all over the place and way out of character the last couple weeks. Methinks someone has Daddy issues.

Joey: Alex & Maggie need a buddy cop show.

Joey: "Go away, Brian."

Corrina: YES. I expect my Tumblr feed to be full of that moment. Because that is exactly the way to get the SuperCorp shippers going. I suspect the show writers know this.

Lisa H: Yes. To all of it. Yes.

Joey: Lilian’s gonna build a wall. It’s gonna be uuuuuge. And the aliens are gonna pay for it.

Corrina: Oh, it was impossible to miss the parallels to real-life events tonight. Especially the part about most of the aliens being refugees.

Lisa H: Frankly it felt very heavy handed.

Lisa H:  "...And you put a facist in the White House." Hit me over the head with a hammer why don't you? Very heavy handed.

Joey: Why doesn’t Kara disable the engines with any one of her super abilities, then carry the ship back to earth and set it gently down? I know… not as artificially dramatic.

Corrina: I was thinking the same thing! You have heat vision! Disable the engines! (If we're talking how physics really works, Kara putting that much strength into one spot on the spaceship would likely cause it to tear away from the ship. But, hey, that is a mistake made all the time in comics.)

Brad Haga:  It was actually a feature of Byrne's Superman run.

Joey: Somebody needs to pick up a few copies and have Cisco send them over to Earth-38.

Lisa H: But if she disables the engines doesn't the ship fall out of the sky and kill all the people on board?

Joey: If she's strong enough to push back against the ship and keep it from zooming away,, I'm guessing she can catch it and set it down like she did with Alex's airplane in the pilot episode, particularly since she's more accustomed to using said powers now than she was back then.

‘The Flash’ episode 3.15, “The Wrath of Savitar”

Joey: I think Joe just vomited in his mouth. A little.

Lisa H: Wait. Hold up. Did Iris say yes or no??? Inquiring minds want to know!

Lisa H: Okay. I feel better now. MAZEL TOV!!

Lisa H: Okay Barry... better answer to Joe's why didn't you ask me is "because while I love and respect you Iris is her own woman and makes her own decisions."


Joey: Savitar’ going to use Wally trying to stop Savitar to escape and turn Wally into Savitar, right?

Lisa H: I've just gone cross eyed...


Joey: So, Wally’s not Savitar, he’s trapped in the speed force. Who is Savitar?

Lisa H: Is it Jessie???

Lisa H: Or Malfoy??

Lisa H: Or someone we haven't met yet?

Lisa H: Are we sure Savitar isn't Wally?

Lisa H: Savitar keeps mentioning the future....LoT tie in???

‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ episode 2.13, “Land of the Lost”

Joey: I like the reminder that the Legend with the most experience with Time Master shenanigans is Mick. There’s so much hidden depth to his character.

Lisa H: He might be the best character in the Berlantiverse.

Joey: Certainly the one with the most depth.


Lisa H: You know, the console in the center of the main section of the ship is a bit TARDISy. Just me?

Joey: Seeing Gideon is kind of like the time the soul of the TARDIS was trapped in a human. Odd.

Joey: And Rip kissing Gideon is kinda creepy.

Joey: And the ship's AI enjoying said kiss. Just feels wrong.

Lisa H: Bad Wolf

Lisa H: I don't think creepy covers it.

Supergirl is taking a break this week (just as Lois and Hercules arrived, too). Join us on the GeekDad Facebook page as we talk about Barry’s annual trip into the Speed Force on this week’s The Flash, the Legends of Tomorrow going on the Apollo 13 mission, and Oliver dealing with the big Prometheus reveal on Arrow.

Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments below regarding last week’s episodes. Join us on Facebook and add your comments about this week’s new episodes as they air or in the days following. We are looking to include unique, original, funny, and/or thought-provoking comments from the Facebook discussions into our weekly DC on The CW recaps, so be sure to join in!

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